What Does Oxytetracycline Treat In Dogs?


Oxytetracycline is a tetracycline antibiotic. Oxytetracycline is the most commonly used antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drug with high safety factors and small adverse reactions.

What is the therapeutic effect of oxytetracycline tablets for dogs?

Oxytetracycline tablets can treat many diseases in dogs. The most common diseases are dysentery, trachoma, and otitis media. If the dog has diarrhea, red eyes, or purulent skin, oxytetracycline can be used to reduce symptoms.

How to feed oxytetracycline tablets to dogs?

Many dog owners find it very difficult to administer medicine to their dogs when their dogs are sick. Let me teach you some methods. You can use the following methods to give the dog medicine. You can mix the medicine directly in the dog food, or you can put the medicine directly in the meatballs so that the dog will not resist, It will be happy to take medicine.

How much oxytetracycline should a dog take?

Feed it twice a day, and feed a quarter tablet at a time. Under normal circumstances, you don’t need to take medicine if your dog’s condition improves. If the dog’s diarrhea is particularly severe, feed the dog with oxytetracycline for two days, but pay attention to fasting during the medication.

In addition to oxytetracycline, there are many drugs that can be used to treat dog diseases, mainly gentamicin, norfloxacin, and probiotics. Pay attention not to overdose oxytetracycline, and pay more attention to the dog’s condition. If the condition worsens, you need to go to the pet hospital for medical treatment.

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