Top 10 Friendly Dogs In The World


A well-behaved and friendly dog will save the owner a lot of worry from the beginning. so what breed of dog is more friendly? Please read this article.

List of the world’s top ten friendly dogs

Top 10: Bulldog

Bulldogs are very loyal and friendly dogs to children, Due to the strong learning ability of the Bulldog, it has become the perfect choice for such naughty children. Most bulldogs can accept strangers and get along well with other breeds of dogs, They are very small, so families of all sizes are very suitable for keeping them.

Top 9: Beagle

Beagles are smart, friendly, and active dogs, They like to go out for activities and are very suitable for families with children. With high obedience, Beagles are very willing to come into contact with humans. The beagle has a cute appearance, cheerful personality, lovable movements, quick response, and understanding. It is a very popular family companion dog.

Top 8: Bull terrier

The Pit Bull Terrier is a very docile dog breed, and it is easy to train the Pitbull Terrier. They like to please their owners and get along well with children. When its owner encounters danger, it will protect the owner. It can be seen that its loyalty is also very high.

Top 7: Border collie

The Border collie is the smartest dog, with a high IQ, docile and friendly to the owner. Border collies are not picky about food. It has an IQ of eight years old. It is very empathetic and understands the instructions of its owner.

Top 6: Bernese Mountain Dog

This breed also has a nickname, “Nature’s Little Sister”, They can protect young children and they like to spend time with their families. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a high degree of obedience, which is why the Bernese Mountain Dog can be a very suitable family companion dog.

Top 5: Vizsla

Vizsla dogs are energetic, confident, obedient, and intelligent dogs. Because of their high energy, they are more suitable for active families. In the family, they are beloved companion dogs that are easy to train. It has a good sense of smell, and its ability to receive training is higher than other dog breeds.

Top 4: Irish setter

Irish setters like to be with their family. They hate being alone. When the family is around them, they will perform very well. The relationship with family members is relatively close, and the personality is very easy-going.

Top 3: Poodle

Poodles are gentle and smart. They do not shed depilation, have no body odor, and have a variety of shapes. Poodles are the longest-lived dogs, which means they can accompany you for a long time.

Top 2: Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is one of the most famous breeds. They are very interesting and like to play with children very much. Labrador Retrievers have an amazing memory. When you train them properly, they can quickly understand your meaning and complete actions. They are also very good working dogs and companion dogs.

Top 1: Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a very active dog breed. They like to play games with humans, and their favorite is retrieval games. Golden Retrievers have high IQs and are easy to train. Most of them are not picky eaters. Golden Retriever is a non-aggressive dog breed, so they can get along well with anyone.

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