Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds In The World

_Fastest Dog Breeds

Dogs like to run, because many dogs are born runners, but have you ever wondered which breed is the fastest? Today we will talk about the fastest dog breeds in the world.

The Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds

TOP 10: Doberman

Running speed: 31 miles per hour

The Doberman, native to Germany, is a very famous police dog and military dog, and its IQ ranks fifth among all dogs. Its running speed is very fast, its slender body, and its slender limbs can run in various terrains.

TOP 9: Borzoi

Running speed: 35 miles per hour

Borzoi is huge and has keen eyesight. The Borzoi lives as a hunting dog, so its survival skill is to run fast. Because only in this way can it catch the prey it wants, running is an advantage for it.

TOP 8: Whippet

Running speed: 37 miles per hour

Whippet is a real sporty hound, muscular, strong, and powerful, and its appearance is extremely elegant and beautiful. Its name comes from the word whipping, which means fast movement, and is often used in sprint competitions. Whippet is usually used to catch rabbits, hunt small prey, and participate in various dog racing competitions.

TOP 7: Dalmatian

Running speed: 39 miles per hour

Dalmatian, native to Yugoslavia, has many black spots on its body. The Dalmatian has great endurance, its contours are well-proportioned, its muscles are strong, and its running speed is quite fast.

TOP 6: Border Collie

Running speed: 39 miles per hour

Border Collie has herding instinct. Shepherd dogs are born to run fast, and Border Collie’s IQ ranks first among dogs. The Border Collie has very good endurance and can run endlessly for hours. Its movements are very elegant, It has very good perseverance and can pursue extreme speed with perfect posture.

TOP 5: Afghan Hound

Running speed: 40 miles per hour

The Afghan Hound is one of the oldest hound breeds in existence. The Afghan hound was originally mainly used for hunting, tracking its prey by eyesight. The Afghan Hound has quite amazing explosive power, so its running speed is also very fast.

TOP 4: Ibizan Hound

Running speed: 40 miles per hour

Ibizan Hound is a slender and graceful hound with long limbs and large ears, which can traverse all-terrain at extremely high speeds. The Ibiza Hound has the speed and unusual flexibility of a top hound and the height and length of the jump are also amazing.

TOP 3: Vizsla

Running speed: 41 miles per hour

The Wisla is a very good hunting dog. It has a very strong prey tracking ability and can run at a speed of 41 miles per hour. This data is very difficult for ordinary dogs to catch up with. The Wisla has superior hunting skills, it mainly has the ability to track and transport the prey back.

TOP 2: Saluki

Running speed: 43 miles per hour

The Saluki Hound is a noble dog in Egypt and the earliest domesticated dog. Generally, domesticated dogs run fast, so the Saluki hound is one of the ten fastest dogs in the world. In addition, Keep a Saluki must provide enough space for activities, and must ensure that there is enough exercise every day.

TOP 1: Greyhound

Running speed: 45 miles per hour

Native to the Middle East. Adult dogs are 68-76 cm tall and weigh 27-32 kg. They are extremely rare breeds. Greyhounds are recognized as the fastest dog breeds in the world. Greyhounds with super fast speed are born athletes. Greyhounds have a relatively large amount of exercise. If they can’t give them a lot of space and can’t vent their extra energy, they will be very anxious.

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