Top 10 Dog Breeds Used By Police


Police dogs are specially trained to help the police complete various investigations. Some dogs in the canine world are trained as police dogs because of their excellent abilities. Let’s take a look at the 10 best police dog breeds.

list of top 10 police dogs in the world

TOP 10: German Shorthaired Pointer

Why it can be a police dog: Can perform various difficult tasks in the water and on land.

German Shorthaired Pointer is a friendly, intelligent, and helpful dog. The German Shorthaired Pointer is an all-purpose hunting dog, and a versatile gun hunting dog, capable of performing various difficult tasks in water and on land. They are eager to work and have high obedience, which is why they can be selected as police dogs.

TOP 9: Bloodhound

Why it can be a police dog: It can be tracked based on smell.

Bloodhound is one of the oldest and largest olfactory hounds in the world. It has a magical smell tracking ability, even if the smell exceeds 14 days, it can also track it. Bloodhounds have a very developed sense of smell and often have a larger hunting range than other hunting dogs. In the early days, many people used Bloodhounds as a working dog, engaged in tracing work. So we know that there are also many police teams that use it to track down, and it has played a great role in solving police cases.

TOP 8: Boxer

Why it can be a police dog: Quite loyal and one of the first dog breeds to be selected as a police dog.

Boxer dogs are large dogs, originated in Germany, used to hunt wild boars, deer, and other animals in the past. Because boxer dogs are very smart and have good obedience to their owners, they are now mainly used as police dogs. The flexibility of their bodies allows boxers to perform many police tasks. It is one of the rare excellent police dog breeds.

TOP 7: Labrador Retriever

Why it can be a police dog: Labrador is energetic and can receive a lot of training, so it is suitable for being a police dog.

The Labrador Retriever is a medium-sized dog with a Gentle personality, lively, non-aggressive, and high IQ. It is a dog breed suitable for being selected as a police dog or other working dogs. Many people think that Labrador is not qualified for the position of a police dog, but facts have proved that police dogs do not have to be ferocious or aggressive dog breeds, as long as they obey orders, and now many police dogs are Labrador dog.

TOP 6: Dutch Shepherd

Why it can be a police dog: The ability to track prey is very good.

Screening police dogs mainly watch several characteristics of dogs: excitability, enthusiasm, ability to bite, etc. The Dutch Shepherd meets these characteristics. The outstanding herding ability and quick response-ability of the Dutch Shepherd are very valuable and can be adapted to a variety of purposes, such as search and rescue, anti-drug, anti-riot, and tracking.

TOP 5: Giant Schnauzer

Why it can be a police dog: Enthusiastic, alert, smart, reliable, and brave.

In the late 19th century, the Germans wanted a working dog larger than the standard Schnauzer. In order to increase the physical strength and endurance of the Schnauzer, the Germans allowed the Schnauzer to mate with the Great Dane so that the giant schnauzer can be reproduced. Schnauzer After getting bigger, the giant schnauzer began to be able to fight against large carnivores, not only to protect livestock but also to be more deterrent to predators. Later, the characteristics of the giant schnauzer made it a police dog in various European countries.

TOP 4: Dobermann

Why it can be a police dog: Like to work and have a good working ability.

The status of Dobermann in working dogs is unquestionable. The Dobermann has a strong defensive ability and is particularly loyal to its owner. Therefore, Dobermann is often used as a guard and police dog. The combat effectiveness is very strong, and its combat effectiveness is considered to be the strongest among many dog breeds.

TOP 3: Belgian Malinois

Why it can be a police dog: The jumping ability is amazing, and it is absolutely loyal to the owner.

Belgian Malinois outperforms other working dogs in IQ, flexibility, obedience, and trainability, and is also one of the most suitable dogs for police dogs. It is bold and vicious, has strong offensive power, and is definitely a good helper for the police. Belgian Malinois has a keen sense of smell and can use scent to identify and track enemies. As a police dog, certain jumping ability is required. As far as jumping ability is concerned, the Malinois has a very strong jumping and explosive power. Because it has these superior conditions, it is the best choice for a good police dog.

TOP 2: Rottweiler

Why it can be the police dog: The appearance is mighty, can deter the enemy, bold, not afraid of danger.

Rottweiler has a strong physique, swift movement, fierce momentum, and very loyal to his master. Rottweilers are very courageous and do not flinch when they hear gunshots. This kind of character that is not afraid of danger is what a police dog needs. It has strong adaptability, no matter what kind of working environment, it can adapt. Rottweilers were born with guarding talents and are now widely acclaimed in the field of police dogs.

TOP 1: German Shepherd Dog

Why it can be a police dog: The combat effectiveness is very strong, the sense of smell and hearing are very powerful.

German Shepherd is one of our most common police dogs. It is agile and adapts to various environments. The German Shepherd has a good self-defense ability, a strong balance of the nervous system, and an absolute selfless dedication. German Shepherd’s sense of smell is very sensitive, and his reaction speed is relatively fast, so it is capable of tracking fugitives and drugs. But not every German Shepherd can become a police dog. To become a police dog, it not only needs to go through stricter training, but also needs to be constantly screened, and finally find those dogs with very strong comprehensive ability, so that it can become a police dog.

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