The 10 Most Expensive Dog In The World


At present, dogs have become a very important part of many families, but the cost of raising a dog is also very high, and it will even cost you thousands of dollars every year for vaccines, food, and daily necessities. Here is the list of the most expensive dog breeds in the world in 2021.

TOP 10: Saluki

Price: US$2500

Breed Introduction: Saluki is a large dog, produced in Iran, originated in 3000 BC, and has a long history. Legend has it that there are portraits of Saluki dogs carved on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs. The name of the dog comes from the city of Saluki in Arabia (the city has been buried in the desert). Saluki is smart, loyal, stable, and obedient, with an aristocratic demeanor, and is a precious breed.

TOP 9: Löwchen

Price: more than $3,000

Breed Introduction: Lowchen originated in France and is a true European dog breed. Their ancestors are all over southern European countries. Lowchen is a small dog. It has a lively, outgoing, and curious personality. As a companion dog, it is loved by ladies. Lowchen is also a stable dog breed, strong-willed and arrogant.

TOP 8: Peruvian Inca Orchid

Price: more than $3,000

Breed Introduction: Peruvian Inca Orchid is suitable for getting along with children, and also very suitable for living in the city, but they cannot withstand extreme cold weather and strong sunlight. Peruvian Inca Orchid’s appearance is characterized by thinness, graceful posture, and extraordinary charm.

TOP 7: Azawakh

Price: more than $3,000

Breed Introduction: A large dog that originated in Africa, the Azawakh dog is one of the very few African breeds available for purchase in the United States and Canada. Azawakh is strong and courageous, very agile, alert to strangers, strong and independent, and can be a nursing dog, but should be trained strictly from an early age. It requires a lot of sports opportunities and is not suitable for city life.

TOP 6: Akita Dog

Price: more than $4,500

Breed Introduction: Akita Inu is the largest fox breed in Japan. In Japan, they are a breed of national historical relic significance and belong to the national dog. Very loyal to the owner, just like the character of Hachiko in the movie, the Akita is very loyal to the owner and has a strong heart to protect the owner. Akita is a dog breed that loves its owner very much. When the owner is in danger, he will protect his owner.

TOP 5: Pharaoh Hound

Price: more than $6500

Breed Introduction: Medium-sized dogs, Pharaoh Hound has a noble pedigree, beautiful body lines, vigilant expressions, their movements are very fast, they are very loyal and keen excellent hounds, both vision and smell are very good. Pharaoh Hound’s limbs are very muscular, and the whole body structure gives a feeling of explosive power. According to some archaeological evidence in Egypt, this dog has a history of at least 5,000 years, and the prototype of the Kowloon god Anubis in Egyptian mythology is the Pharaoh Hound.

TOP 4: Rottweiler

Price: more than $6500

Breed Introduction: The Rottweiler was once used to guard the herd. It is a strong and easy-to-reach dog breed. The rottweiler is also an outstanding police dog and can attack intruders. It is one of the most courageous and powerful dog breeds today. The Rottweiler has a stable personality and can also be used as a family companion dog. It obeys the master’s command and is absolutely loyal to the master. However, keeping a Rottweiler needs to be trained from an early age, otherwise, it will be difficult for the owner to control it when it reaches adulthood.

TOP 3: Tibetan Mastiff

Price: USD 7,500 or more

Breed Introduction: The Tibetan Mastiff has a strong temperament, strong strength, and agility, but it has poor endurance. The Tibetan Mastiff is hardy and can sleep peacefully in the snow and ice. The Tibetan Mastiff is the guard dog and protector of Tibetans and is known as a “tengu” in Tibet.

TOP 2: Samoyed

Price: 4000-10000 USD

Breed Introduction: Samoyed is an excellent variety bred by the indigenous people of Siberia. It is noble and elegant, well-behaved and cute, and has a striking appearance. The Samoyed has a gentle personality and is friendly to people. It can get along well with other dog breeds. Samoyed is very smart and learns skills very quickly.

TOP 1: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Price: more than US$10,000

Breed Introduction: The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, native to the Czech Republic, was bred from a large gray wolf and a German shepherd. It has a loyal and enthusiastic temperament and a primitive and wild appearance. The Czech wolfhound has always been the pursuit of many dog lovers. Since the birth of this dog, many dog lovers have not been able to buy a purebred Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. For ordinary people, buying a purebred Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is even more difficult.

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