Teach Your Dog The Recall (Primary Training: 100% Success)


Is it possible? as long as you say “come” to your dog, it will come back to you. I will show you a video.

Is recall training important? I can tell you very responsibly that this is very important. This article only talks about primary training and how to start recall training.

This training item is very important for a dog, no matter how old it is, you can train it, and it is best to train it every day because this is a very important training item.

How To Teach Your Dog The Recall?

I suggest that you bring a leash to your dog when you just start training so that it can play a guiding role. You can grab the rope, then use the snacks in your hand to attract the dog’s attention, and then issue the password “come” to guide it to come to your side. This is the first step in training.

We need to let the dog understand what a recall is. If the dog doesn’t understand, you can use a rope to lead it to your side. When the dog comes to you, please give it snacks as a reward. What is the best way to train recall? That is to make the object move, because dogs like moving objects most, we want to make this training a chasing game.

Some dogs are not interested in snacks, so when you use snacks to attract them, they may be indifferent. So you have to know what your dog likes, then you have to use what to attract it. In this elementary training teaching, we can’t make too many demands on dogs at the beginning. The only thing we have to do is to let the dog come to you. Don’t put a lot of pressure on the dog at the beginning.

Now let the dog know the password of “come” is to let it come to you, but in the later training, we have to let the dog come to you and sit down next to you, We can let the dog develop this habit first. When it comes to you, you must face it face to face, and then give it snacks.

This elementary training is very simple, the purpose is to let the dog come to your side, as long as it comes to your side, give him snacks immediately because this is just basic training.

Training must be happy, you must remember that you can’t punish the dog, as long as your dog can come to you, you must praise it, you must reward it. Let the dog know that this is a very happy thing without any punishment, so it will come to you.

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