How To Train Your Dog To Walk To Heel?


When taking a dog out for a walk in the park, you always encounter this problem. The dog rushes in front, it is difficult for the dog owner to hold the dog. If you want your dog to follow you calmly, you need to do the right training.

How to train your dog to heel

  1. Preparation before training
  • Tie a leash to the dog.
  • Let the dog relax for a while before training.
  1. Training begins
  • Find a place to start walking, and pull the leash. If the dog sees something and is about to rush over, must immediately tighten the leash and say aloud: No!
  • When training a dog to heel, the owner must have a clear purpose, that is, the dog must follow the person’s left or right side, and must walk side by side, and the dog must stop and sit down when the owner stops.
  • Go forward and reward your dog at any time. Use more uniform commands, such as “heel” or “follow me”, so that the dog will learn to remember these commands and make different actions according to the commands.
  • If the dog does not follow the owner, you can pull the leash slightly to narrow its range. If it is at your feet, say aloud encouraging words: “Yes! Well done” and touch its head.
  • If the dog is already very familiar with the owner’s instructions, you can remove the leash.

The last thing to emphasize is: heel training needs to be repeated frequently. If dogs do not do something for a long time, they will forget it over time, so repeat training is very important.

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