How to Train Your Dog to Stay?


The topic of this article is: How to train your dog to stay. stay for instructions is a very good alternative action, which can be used in many scenarios, such as waiting for the door to open, to prevent the dog from rushing out directly. Waiting to eat, avoid dogs getting excited when looking at the food.

It takes practice to let the dog stay. At the beginning of the training, snacks are used as rewards. You need to let the dog sit or lie down, and then say your password “stay” to it, and then give the dog snacks as a reward immediately. It doesn’t take too long to let the dog stay, one second is enough.

If the dog can slowly understand the “stay” command, you can slowly increase the time. You can try to increase it from one second to 3 seconds. Telling the dog the number of seconds can make the dog’s attention more focused.

When the dog can finish waiting, increase the distance between us and the dog. The dog is very sensitive to space distance. At the beginning, we also trained at the lowest standard. After giving the stay instruction to the dog, we step back half a step. Then you can reward the dog with snacks.

Afterward, you can step back 2 or 3 steps to gradually increase the distance from the dog. You can also take a few steps back and stay for a few seconds to deepen the dog’s impression of stay.

We also need to add an interference training. We need to prepare a toy that can make a sound, and then shorten the distance between us and the dog, and let the toy make a sound while telling the dog to stay in order to observe whether the dog is disturbed. If the dog is not disturbed, the dog can be rewarded with snacks.

You can also give full play to your creativity and wait for training in different scenarios for the dog. The purpose of this is to make the dog more stable with this skill. Because the interference in real life is far beyond our training.

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