How To Train Your Dog To Lie Down?


Hello, I’m the dog trainer Vincent. What I want to share with you in this article is: How to train your dog to lie down. This instruction can be used in situations where you want your dog to be stable or to rest and wait.

We need to let the dog learn to sit down, so you need to teach your dog to sit.

  • Use snacks to induce. Slowly move the snack below the dog, and immediately praise it when the dog lie down, and at the same time let go of the snack to let the dog get the snack.
  • If the dog does not move with the snacks, it means that you are moving the snacks too fast. Some dogs may insist on not getting down. If this happens, as long as you find that the dog’s front feet are moving down slightly You can give the dog a reward first, let the dog know that it is right to do so, and slowly induce the dog to lie down the body.
  • If the dog understands that you can get a snack reward when you lie down, you can remove the snacks, direct the dog to lie down with gestures, and then give the snack rewards after the dog lie down.

Regarding the way to set a password for the dog, my personal recommendation is to let the dog understand the gestures before setting a password. If you let the dog learn too many signals at the beginning, the dog’s thinking may be confused. 

After the dog can understand the gestures, you can set the password “down”. The final training result is that when you say “down”, the dog will lie down.

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