How To Prevent Your Dog From Getting Cataracts?


I remember one time when I took my dog to the dog park to play, I met a Shiba Inu. I saw that its eyes were a bit white. I subconsciously felt that it had cataracts, so I wanted to write an article. On how to prevent and avoid cataracts in dogs.

How to prevent cataracts in dogs?

1. Avoid the sun’s glare

I talked to the owner of the Shiba Inu for a while, and she said that her dog likes to be active in the sun and enjoys basking in the sun. In fact, the sun’s rays cause damage to the lens of the eyes, so dog owners should pay attention. Try not to let the dog stay in the sun for too long, especially when the dog looks at the sun, be sure to correct the dog’s behavior.

2. Supplement the following foods

Some dog cataracts are caused by heredity, and some are caused by later diseases. How can we prevent dogs from getting cataracts? In fact, we can give the dog some vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc. As long as they contain carotene or lutein, they can be eaten by dogs.

We can also give dogs eat cod and tuna, because both fish contain Omega 3.There are also tomatoes, blueberries, and boiled eggs that can be eaten by dogs. Dogs can effectively prevent cataracts if they eat the above foods.

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