How To 100% Success Teach Your Dog to Sit


When you read this article, I guess you have seen a lot of articles on how to teach a dog to sit down. Of course, I have also read many articles, but I feel that some important details have been overlooked, this important detail depends on the actual situation of the pet owner.

Let me give you an example. If you just brought the puppy home, it might be very exciting and run around in your house. It may also be very scared and anxious. If your dog has these two conditions, it is very unsuitable for training. I am the dog trainer Vincent, and I will teach you how to successfully teach your dog to sit down.

If your dog is very anxious, then this situation is not suitable for training. The first thing we need to do is to familiarize it with the environment at home. When the dog is familiar with the environment at home, we can start training. If your dog is very excited, you must first exhaust its physical strength before training.

For those dogs who are already familiar with their home environment, I recommend three training methods.

The first method: Ignore it

This method is to let the dog learn this action naturally because sitting down is a natural movement. The purpose of this method is to make it feel boring. When dogs are bored, they will naturally sit down. We need to wait patiently. After seeing the dog sitting down, please give it snacks as a reward right away.

We also need to set a password. We must observe carefully, and when the dog sits down, immediately call out this password to it. The password must be short, and your voice must be loud.

The second method: Raise the dog’s head

We must first let the dog know that we have snacks on our hands, and then use these snacks to touch the dog’s nose at close range, but don’t touch its nose. This followed by moving the snack above the nose and guide the dog to raise its head. In the process of raising his head, the dog will sit on the ground.

In the actual training process, you may encounter this situation, the dog will not sit down, but will only move back. In this case, we must set up a wall behind the dog so that the dog cannot move back, and then it will naturally sit down.

The third method: Auxiliary training

The above two methods are more suitable for training small or medium-sized dogs. If you keep a large dog, then I recommend that you use the assisted training method. We need to support the dog’s chin with our hands, gently lift its head, and then gently press down its buttocks with our hands, and then the dog will sit down.

At the end of the article, I want to say to each dog owner: Regardless of the results of the training, the dogs should be given appropriate rewards. Because of the rewards, the dogs will train enthusiastically and remember the results of training.

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