How Do You Teach A Puppy To Fetch? (Fast teaching)


Hello everyone, welcome to my website, this article is about how to teach dogs to fetch. Before the training starts, you need to prepare something and then find a narrow place, because this kind of place can prevent our dog from running around.

Prepare items list: dog snacks, balls

4 Steps To Teaching Your Dog To Fetch

Step 1: Gently touch the dog’s mouth with the ball, and immediately give the dog a snack reward after touching it. After repeated training several times, the dog will understand that touching the ball with the mouth can be rewarded with food.

Step 2: After completing the first step, we can tease the dog with the ball, and immediately give it a snack reward the moment the dog bites the ball.

Step 3: Throw the ball to the ground, and when the dog bites the ball, say fetch to the dog, and then give the dog a snack reward.

Step 4: We try to throw the ball farther and farther, and when the dog picks up the ball, we give it a snack as a reward. The dog needs to be trained repeatedly so that the dog will have memory.

In fact, every dog with simple training at the right can complete the task of fetch. Slowly guided by the owner, and appropriate learning methods. Dogs will have a great time playing ball.

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