How Do I Get My Dog To Pee And Defecate In The Certain Area?


Dogs will urinate casually in the house, which makes the whole house smelly and dirty, and annoys many owners. Then the owner will put the dog in the cage and start to lose faith in it. The owner will feel that other people’s dogs will go to a fixed area to urinate, feel that their dog is stupid, and like to urinate anywhere. Is it really?

There are no dogs that can’t be trained, only masters who can’t train! Let me teach you how to make your dog urinate in a fixed area! The earliest dogs lived outdoors, so it is normal to urinate anywhere, so we have to let the dogs urinate in the way we want, as long as we follow the steps below, we can definitely achieve!

Teach your dog the steps to pee and defecate in a specific area

Step 1: Choose a location

Choose a fixed place and place the diaper pad in that place. You can also use newspapers instead. But some dogs will bite the diaper pad, so you need to prepare a plate on which the diaper pad can be placed.

Step 2: Prepare the reward

Do you know which snack your dog likes best? Is it jerky or small bread? Before you are ready to teach him to pee(defecate), please prepare an awesome reward for him! Only peeing or defecating in a fixed place can give it a reward! Because of the rewards of snacks, dogs will learn more carefully.

Step 3: Observe carefully

The next step is to observe when the dog wants to go to the toilet. Before the dog wants to go to the toilet, It will go round around the place where it pees. This is a sign that the dog is going to the toilet. At this point, you can put it in a fixed place.

Step 4: Limit the scope

It is impossible for us to be able to supervise the dog, so we must train it by restricting the range of motion of the dog. This can prevent the dog from urinating everywhere, and it can successfully urinate within the specified range. We can use a fence to enclose it, and within this range, there are his sleeping area, play area, and toilet area. In fact, dogs love to be clean, so they will not excretion where they sleep. So it will pee in the space outside of sleep, and this arrangement can make it easy to pee(defecation) in the correct position.

Step 5: Wait patiently

Because the dog may not know what you want it to do at the beginning, it may play with you or hang around. Sometimes it has to wait half an hour, or even an hour or two or more before urinating. So it’s important to wait patiently. Many owners fail because they are impatient.

Step 6: Reward the dog

When you see a dog excreting in a fixed place, you should immediately reward it with snacks, and then praise it with a happy tone. As long as you train 3 times, the dog will quickly learn to urinate in a fixed position. Then every time the dog urinates, say “urine” (password) to the dog. In this way, when you want it to pee in the future, just tell it to “pee”, and the dog will go to a fixed place to pee.

Why let the dog pee and defecation in a fixed area?

Now more and more people have dogs, but many office workers don’t have enough time to take their dogs out for excretion, so it is very important to train dogs to excrete in a fixed area.

If you don’t teach your dog to pee(defecation) in a fixed area, then you must take the dog out for a walk at a fixed time every day and let the dog excrete outdoors. If your dog cannot excrete outdoors, When it is unbearable, it will pee and defecate at home.

For your family hygiene, please teach your dog to peen and defecate in a fixed area right away. I believe you don’t want to see dog excrement all over the floor when you get home, right?

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