Can Dogs Get Colds?


If the temperature drops suddenly and you fail to keep the dog properly warm, the dog will catch a cold.

What are the symptoms of a dog’s cold?

  1. Runny nose

The dog’s nose itself is relatively moist, but if you find a lot of nasal water on the dog’s nose, this is likely a sign of a cold.

  1. Sneezing

If you find the dog sneezing continuously, you can be sure that the dog has caught a cold.

Dogs with the above two conditions basically don’t need to see a doctor. You just need to keep them warm and let them rest, because the dog’s own immunity can resist colds.

See a doctor if your dog has this symptom.There is phlegm in the dog’s throat, the dog will feel there is a foreign body in the throat, and it will want to cough up. If you find that your dog has this symptom, you need to take the dog to see a doctor, because the dog has sputum in his throat, which means that the cold is getting worse. The doctor will prescribe some medicines to the dog first. If the medicine does not work, the doctor will need to give the dog an injection.

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