Calcium Deficiency In Dogs , How Can Dogs Get Calcium?


Calcium is very important for dogs. However, not all dogs are suitable for calcium supplementation. Moreover, calcium supplementation must also pay attention to scientific methods. Otherwise, it is not good for the dog’s body.

What kind of dog needs calcium supplements?

  • First of all, elderly dogs must be supplemented with calcium. The reason is like the elderly need calcium supplements. Older dogs have a reduced ability to absorb calcium due to the deterioration of their physiological functions and the effects of diseases. The loss of calcium in the body seriously affects the strength of bones.
  • Secondly, the bitch after giving birth should be supplemented with calcium. Since the bitch needs to breastfeed after giving birth, the calcium requirement increases sharply, and the daily diet of the bitch cannot provide that much calcium. At this time, the calcium intake must be increased.
  • Dogs who have been eating human food for a long time need calcium supplements. Foods eaten by humans cannot meet the needs of dogs, so extra calcium is needed.
  • In fact, there is another type of dog that needs calcium supplementation, that is, stray dogs. Dogs who have been stray for a long time, due to the nutritional and imbalance in their diet, the body suffers a serious loss, especially the lack of calcium.

How can I increase calcium in my dog?

If your dog does have calcium supplementation needs, please pay attention to two points:

1. When supplementing calcium, be sure to follow the doctor’s advice and the calcium powder instructions for calcium supplementation, and do not overdo it.

2. Calcium supplementation should be combined with sun exposure (ultraviolet rays) and proper exercise so that it can be absorbed and utilized better.

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