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There are no disobedient dogs, only owners who do not know how to train dogs. Correct guidance and training can better integrate dogs into our family life.​ As long as you train and care for your dog according to our tutorial, I guarantee your dog will become smart and healthy. I hope that every dog can live safely and happily into old age, and every dog owner can experience the fun of keeping a dog.​

Senior Dog Trainer

My name is Vincent and I am from Hong Kong. I am a senior dog trainer with professional training. I have been engaged in dog training for 8 years. I have rich experience in dog training and I am good at training and correcting various bad behaviors of dogs.

My dog used to be naughty and had many bad habits. My family wanted to abandon it, but I couldn’t bear to abandon it. It was also because of my dog that I decided to become a dog trainer. So, I hope to use my knowledge to help every dog owner so that the dog can happily accompany the owner.

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Where can I learn about dog training and dog care?

This is a website that provides free dog training tutorials and dog care knowledge. Here, you can learn dog training skills and dog care knowledge to help you enhance your dog’s good behavior habits. So what are you waiting for? You know your pet best, so immediately browse the articles we wrote for you.

Why use Mydoggyboss tutorials to train and care for your dog?

1、Senior dog trainer

The creator of this website (Vincent) is a senior dog trainer with 8 years of experience.

2、Training at home

After learning our dog training methods, you can start training your dogs at home.

3、Senior veterinarian team

We have 3 senior veterinarians who can provide you with knowledge about dog care.

Mydoggyboss provides training and care tutorials for dogs of all ages.

1、Potty Training

Use our foolproof training method to stop unwanted accidents.

2、7 Basic Commands

Teach your dog their how to sit, lay down, stay, come, heel, leave it, and go to their spot.

3、Correct bad behavior

How to prevent begging, barking, jumping, and other bad behaviors.

Learn the basics on dog nutrition and health.